The Guiding Light

"Not all those who wander are lost" 

Offering Classes:


  • Learn the uses and healing qualities of various herbs that can be found in an everyday household and more

  • Teacher(s) :


  • Learn how to do the basic forms of telepathic communication by taking it step by step 

  • Teacher (s) : Brooke
  • Learn how to preform basic steps of cryokinesis, learning how to freeze different things one step at a time
  • Teacher (s): Isole
  • Learn how to find out your sign along with the signs of other people that you know. Learn what each of the signs means, and how it all effects the certain person

  • Teacher (s): Twilight 


  • Learn how to unlock each of your charkas through various meditations and other activities.

  • Teacher(s) :


  • Learn how to calculate the various numbers in your own numerology as well as be able to calculate the numbers of other people. Also find out what each of the numbers mean

  • Teacher(s):
Astral Projection
  • Learn the stages and the whole process of astral projection through various activities

  • Teacher (s):
More classes will be added later on. Feel free to recommend a class that is not on this list and you would be interested in. Also if interested in teaching, please go to the "Contact" page. Thank you